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Database Technical Documentation

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Post Subject: Database Technical Documentation
Wed Apr 20, 2005 7:28 pm

Database Technical Documentation
This topic contains a link to the database documentation that we've been working on. It includes a list of tables and their associated columns, which you could actually get from phpMyAdmin or equivalent. But it also includes a description of each column, the data contained therein, and what it all means.

For example, you may have wondered what the post_username column was used for in the phpbb_posts table, and why it was mostly blank. Or you may have wondered what the post_edit_time field is from the same table. Based on an investigation of the code and the actual contents of our database, we've documented that sort of thing using this system.

The table structures as presented are specific for MySQL. We currently have no intention of providing the same service for the other databases currently supported by phpBB. If you have any questions or comments about the information presented here please wait until we open this topic for replies. Thanks.

Database Technical Documentation

Future Features
  • Graphical ER Diagrams: We hope to provide dynamic ER (Entity - Relationship) diagrams as you browse the table listing. This feature is still being developed.

This content is not available for downloading. It will not be released as a MOD or in any other form.
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