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About Our Free MODs

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Post Subject: About Our Free MODs
Fri Apr 22, 2005 6:54 pm

About Our Free MODs
Our catalog includes many MODs that were written for use on this site or on other phpBB boards that we manage. In many cases the ideas are not new, as there are certain things that just seem to make sense. It stands to reason that more than one person has come up with the same idea. And given the coding standards used by phpBB, and given that there is often a "best" way to do something, it is very likely that someone else has very similar (or even the same) code available on their site.

Please do not tell us that. Smile We already know. Rest assured that all of the code published here on the phpBB Doctor was written from scratch by members of the phpBB Doctor staff. We will not tolerate use of someone else's code without proper credit. We expect the same in return.

In general, the MODs in this section are short and easy to implement. In many cases they consist of just a tweak or two here and there. We do not rate MODs as to how long it might take to install; we consider that to be fairly pointless. Someone might be able to whip out the MOD in two minutes while someone else will do it in twenty. It just doesn't matter. So you will get to make your own judgement as to the complexity of the MOD simply by looking at it. If you are a fan of Easy MOD (we are not) you should be able to use our files with that program.

These MODs are listed as a service to the general phpBB community. If you find something useful, excellent! Please use it! If you feel like offering a few gold coins in return, we won't turn them away... we'll have a PayPal donation process configured shortly. Don't want to pay, but want to help support this site? Put a link back from your site to ours... even a text link is fine. If you want a logo, here's a smallish one that you can use:

We will be building a number of different graphics that you may use should you decide to go this route. Some suggested text if you want to use a text link might be phpBB customizations provided in part by the phpBB Doctor. Please note that we do not require you to do this! It is completely optional but much appreciated.

Installation Service
MOD installation on any of our MODs, even our free ones, is available for a minimal charge.

Support for Free MODs
Support for Free MODs is provided on an "as-time-allows" basis only. Please keep that in mind. If you are really in a bind you should restore your backup files (you did make a backup prior to installing the MOD, right? Wink) and try again. Or you can consider hiring a member of the phpBB Doctor staff if your needs are more pressing.

Some MODs released here have also been released at phpbb.com. If so, there may be a link to the support topic at that site as well as the one here.
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