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Comments September 20, 2006

Elfquest, cool!

Filed under: phpBB Doctor — Dave Rathbun @ 11:29 pm  

Many years ago I first read a comic book named “Elfquest” … it’s about, well, it’s hard to explain. :-) Suffice it to say that I really enjoyed the story, and the art is incredible. I purchased the first 20 comic books, then purchased them again when they were released in a beautiful glossy format.

Why mention that here?

One of the reasons I enjoy spending time at phpbb.com is meeting new people. Some of those folks eventually become clients of the phpBB Doctor. Some of those will also become friends. The other day I was exchanging comments with someone named “richardpini”.

The initial Elfquest books that I have were all put out by WARP Graphics. They later had a series that was picked up by Marvel Comics, but the originals are what I have and love. WARP stands for Wendy And Richard Pini. See where this is going?

Turns out that “richardpini” was, in fact, “the” Richard Pini of Elfquest fame, and he runs a phpBB forum at www.elfquest.com/forum (naturally). How cool is that? :-D Since exchanging those initial notes I have worked with Richard on a number of small tweaks to his board, as well as providing general assistance / explanations for some of the code that we’re changing.

Richard was kind enough to give me a quote for my scrolling testimonials area on my home page as well. It just goes to show, you never know who you’ll meet on the ‘net. 8)

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