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Comments October 28, 2006

Pruning Users

Filed under: MOD Writing — Dave Rathbun @ 11:28 am CommentsComments (2) 

As a database guy, I never like to delete anything.

Unless, of course, I want to delete it.

But even then, I don’t really delete it.

Confused yet? ;-)

A while back I started writing some code that would allow me to clean up my user table. Sites with phpBB boards have become quite the target for spammers, and the most typical scenarios that I have seen are:

  • Register but never activate
  • Activate but never post

And then there are, of course, those that register, activate, and post some spam. But those we already have some tools to deal with as you can ban their email address, or even ban their IP address if you are willing to take the risk that you also ban some innocent users at the same time.

But those that register and never post (active or not) are tougher to deal with. They show up on your memberlist, and for a while they may show up on the “newest registered user” link on the index. But that’s about it.

A while back my biggest board got hit by a bot of some kind that registered over 200 users within a span of minutes. Removing them was a real chore. Fortunately I understand the database side of things (it’s my job, afterall) so I did it by editing the database directly. But that’s not for the faint of heart, and most phpBB board owners would probably mess things up worse if they tried that way. Nothing personal to anyone reading this, to be sure, as I don’t mean to be insulting. It’s just the way I see it.

So anyway, back to the point. I started writing a MOD that would allow me (or anyone) to quickly and easily remove users. There are a number of them out there already, and some of them probably work, and a smaller percentage of them probably work correctly. ;-) What do I mean by this?

The way phpBB deletes a user leaves their posts and topics behind. So you haven’t really cleaned everything up. But deleting posts runs the risk of having topics that are messed up, where a following post quotes something that no longer exists. Since there is no “threadiness” to phpBB, there’s no way to tell if that has happened. Or worse, deleting a spammer post if it’s the first post in a topic could really mess things up.

And what happens when a legitimate user comes back to your board and can’t log in? And in doing some research you discover that they don’t exist? This is where some sort of logging process becomes more important.

All of these things went through my mind as I was designing my Prune Users MOD some months ago. Then, as is often the case, I got a bunch of code written and reached a stopping point that, well, just stopped. :-) This is one of the reasons why I prefer to release only simple MODs at phpbb.com as I am fairly confident that they’ll get finished and ultimately released.

But I have recently revived this development effort, as I find that I really need it myself. There are only so many steps that I am willing to take to keep people out of my board, as I want folks to register. My EZ Registration MOD makes it take longer for a spammer to register, and the Memberlist Controls makes it easier for me to protect my board members from “Unsavory” links. But I still want to be able to clean up the user table on a regular basis. Thus, Pruning Users is back under development.

Here are the features in a nutshell:

  • Write custom queries on a variety of user fields to identify potential users to prune
  • Review the results as a list of potential users to remove
  • The ability to mark users to “never prune” for individual users
  • Options to remove users and leave posts, remove posts except for topic starters, or remove all posts by the user
  • The ability to ban the user by email address while removing them
  • A log of all users deleted by the process for later review

That last step is really what this blog post is about, and – I think – one of the important attributes that sets this MOD apart from others of the same kind. By keeping a log of user accounts that have been removed (and why) when someone legitimate comes back and asks where their user account went I actually have a record of it.

If the user was simply deleted, then there’s no audit trail, no way to track back and figure out why they were removed. I feel like this is an important difference in how I’m approaching this MOD, as compared to some of the others that I have seen.

I hope to have a beta release out shortly.


  1. I had already seen that MOD, already before it was discontinued (and then recontinued). I also find it an important thing, and i usually just remove inactive users on regular basis (i have a great MOD for that).
    But i didn’t know about the log function (is it a new idea of yours?) yet. Sounds like a good idea, and as you mentioned you’d like to be able to track members who return, how about the ability to have a reason? Of course admin-only, so if a member asks, you can tell him excactly why he was deleted. (Not to spam, but) This sounds a little like my ban reasons MOD (my idea), just for deleting users.
    Looking forward to see this project come along ;)

    Comment by eviL<3 — October 29, 2006 @ 1:40 pm

  2. The log is more for research than anything else.

    For example, I have a board that has been running for 4+ years. I have a perl script that removes users that have not activated their account within 30 days. This all happens automatically, but I do not 100% trust that the code will never fail. :-) As a result, I write a log file.

    Now suppose that someone comes to the site and complains that their account was removed. If there was never a record that they even registered, I have no way to track down their issue. But in this case the first thing I do is check the phpbb_users table to see if they’re there, perhaps under a different email address or username. Next, if they’re not there, I look at my “purge log” and see if they had been deleted by the automatic process. If so, then I can tell them that yes, they had registered, but they had never activated their account and therefore were removed as per our rules.

    Without the log, I would not be able to tell them that.

    I am adapting the same idea to the log behind the pruning users MOD, which – sans logging – is already in use at another site that I run. So the code is completed except for the logging piece.

    Thanks for your comment. 8)

    Comment by dave.rathbun — October 30, 2006 @ 12:34 pm

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