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Comments March 25, 2007

Gadget of the Month: Epson P-2000 Multimedia Viewer

Filed under: tech stuff — Dave Rathbun @ 4:11 pm CommentsComments (0) 

The Epson P-2000 is a multi-function device that I use primarily to download and review pictures from my digital camera but it’s actually capable of quite a bit more. I purchased it after taking a 4-day camping trip a few years ago. It’s much more convenient to download my digital pictures from memory cards to this than to lug around my laptop and have to worry about running out of power.

This gadget is a few years old, so there are newer models out now with larger screens and bigger hard drives. This particular unit has a 40GB hard drive. It is more than plenty for me right now, considering that my current digital camera uses a 6mp sensor. I can take over 550 images on my 2GB flash card, then download the entire card to this device and start over. Repeat that 20 times and you might fill this up, but you would be hard-pressed to do that on even a multi-week camping trip. ;-)

What attracted me to this device when it first came out was the pixel density of the screen. The screen is just under 4 inches (measured diagonally) but it has over 200 pixels per inch. :shock: That’s more than double the density on a standard computer screen screen. What it means is I can display an image at full screen and get incredibly sharp and vivid detail. I can zoom in and really get an idea of the quality of the picture. It sure beats trying to ascertain the true quality of the image on the tiny LCD screen on the back of my camera, but doesn’t require me to lug around and boot up a laptop computer. Here is a quote with some technical specs for this unit:

The Epson P-4000 and the Epson P-2000 both offer Epson’s exclusive Photo Fine technology, which utilizes two core techniques-ultra fine precision processing and the capability to deliver three colors (red, green and blue) per pixel. Additionally, this unique technology provides an incredible pixel density of 212 pixels per inch, which ensures that every detail of downloaded images is displayed with vibrancy and clarity. Typical digital camera viewing panels and competitive viewer products only offer one color per pixel and approximately 80-100 pixels per inch.

Source: PhotoShopNews.com

Epson also supports the RAW format used by Nikon (my camera of choice) and Canon, at least. It may do more but I didn’t research that.

What makes it qualify as a gadget? Well, it also can play movies and mp3 files. I can select a bunch of photographs, assign some background music, and play a slide show through a television connection. I can attach it to my laptop via USB and it appears as an external hard drive. So it has quite a few different features that make it a really useful gadget to have around. 8)

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