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Comments June 11, 2007

Holes in the Armor…

Filed under: Anti-spam, MOD Writing, phpBB — Dave Rathbun @ 12:06 pm CommentsComments (3) 

The first chinks in the armor provided by the Checkbox Challenge MOD may have appeared a few days ago. I have a board that I maintain purely for spam “bait” as there is very little activity there. It gets tons of spam registration attempts, so it was the obvious first place to test out this MOD. It worked great. I got zero registrations for quite a long time.

Then the first successful registration occurred.


Comments June 4, 2007

Database Design #3: Table Joins

Filed under: Database Tips, MOD Writing — Dave Rathbun @ 7:25 am CommentsComments (3) 

In prior articles in this series I have talked about associative tables and primary / foreign keys. In this post I am going to talk more about keys but more specifically about table joins. If you’ve been working with databases for a while this article will probably seem fairly basic. But like many basic things, it’s important. :-)


Comments June 3, 2007

Revolving Door at phpbb.com

Filed under: phpBB — Dave Rathbun @ 9:53 pm Comments Off 

Jon (SHS`) is leaving the project. Another former important member of the team is returning, in a role that is apparently not yet defined. In the topic linked above dhn writes:

Look out for an announcement with the title “A return” during the next few days

As an open source project, albeit with a limited set of developers, phpBB is bigger than any one individual, and I expect that it will go on with or without Jon’s participation. It has survived other notable departures during my tenure as a phpBB user. John Abela (AbelaJohnB) the first MOD Team leader, Paul Owen (psoTFX), the lead developer for many years, and most recently James Atkinson (theFinn), the original founder have all left the project for various reasons.

Am I concerned? No, not really. Jon put his heart and soul into the project over the past few years and deserves a break. One of the reasons I picked phpBB2 so many years ago was the fact that it has a thriving user community, and one person leaving will not change that.

Best wishes to Jon as he starts a new chapter in his life. Thanks for all the Berties. 8)

One Year Ago

Filed under: blog — Dave Rathbun @ 8:41 pm Comments Off 

I started the phpBBDoctor.com site several years ago (April, 2005-ish). It’s still not live. :oops: I started the blog about a year later because I felt like I wanted to talk about things but wasn’t really ready to open up the forum to public access yet. The first few blog posts were mainly about the blog itself. Over time the biggest topics have probably been my series about the phpBB search algorithm, various anti-spam techniques, and some stuff about MODs being written / released at phpbb.com.

Maybe I’ll have the Doctor board launched before I write the second anniversary blog post.

Or maybe not. :-)

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