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Comments September 7, 2007

MOD Review Service

Filed under: Database Tips, MOD Writing, phpBB — Dave Rathbun @ 9:36 pm CommentsComments (2) 

A Check-Up From the Doctor

I will not install code for clients that was written by someone else without reviewing it first. There is a lot of bad code out there. There is also some very good code, don’t get me wrong about that. But many excellent MOD authors just don’t know databases as well as they would like. So the queries that they write may be functional, but not optimal. At this point in my involvement with phpBB I write most of my own MODs, so most of the time this review is for a private client who wants me to install something that I don’t already have or have no interest in writing.

At one point after I essentially rewrote a MOD for one of my clients they suggested that I offer this service via the Doctor Board. Hmm. Well. It’s an interesting idea. It wasn’t in my plans for this board when I started (and still isn’t) and I would much rather get my desired services completed and released first, but yeah, I could do that.

Probably in about 2012.



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