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Comments September 10, 2007

Too Good To Be True? Who is “Nicole”?

Filed under: Advertising, phpBB — Dave Rathbun @ 7:31 pm CommentsComments (0) 

Unsolicited Email

I got an email today that was interesting. It came from “Nicole” and she wanted me to put her text ads (no gambling or “questionable” sites like warez) on the bottom of my site. They weren’t flashy ads, just plain text. And she said she would pay me monthly. Now here’s the catch:

I had never heard of this service until last week, when I got asked about the very same company from one of my blog readers. Apparently they are making the rounds. :)

Is it a scam? I don’t think so. Is it worth doing? Here’s what I found out so far, and what is bothering me about the contact from Nicole…


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