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Comments March 7, 2008

Testing Template Engines in phpBB2 Part II

Filed under: Performance Tuning, phpBB — Dave Rathbun @ 8:40 am Comments Off 

In Part I of this series of posts I detailed the results from my first benchmark scenario. For that scenario I only ran one session. What I mean by that is I had a single browser window open. With the meta refresh keyword set up in my overall header template I could start a refresh and walk away from the system and let it run for hours.

Given that I have four template engines to test and I want to capture statistics based on at least 1,000 page refreshes for each template engine for each of the four pages in my test case that is… hmm… carry the … multiply…

1,000 refreshes * 4 template engines * 4 pages * 2 second refresh interval

… that’s 32,000 seconds, or roughly one third of a day. I certainly don’t have the time to sit around and do nothing but watch a browser session refresh all day. :lol: So it’s nice that I can start the process and leave it alone.

What other test scenarios do I have planned?


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