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Comments March 18, 2008

Checkbox Challenge, One Year Review

Filed under: Anti-spam, blog — Dave Rathbun @ 9:32 am CommentsComments (9) 

It was almost exactly one year ago today that I posted about what has become the final version of the Checkbox Challenge comment blocker for my WordPress blogs. At that time I was logging the comment attempts and the results of the challenge to a text file. Now I log things to a database so I can search them easier. I had thousands of entries in the text file log before I switched, and I did not bother to convert them. (I just checked; the text file was used from January of 2007 to August of 2007 and contains over 22,000 lines of data.)

The database logging process was added on August 1, 2007. So I ran for about seven months without the database log, and now have run for just over six months with the database logging in place. The results are, frankly, both astounding and a bit scary.


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