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Comments April 4, 2008

Google is being Sneaky

Filed under: Advertising, phpBB — Dave Rathbun @ 8:04 pm  

Don’t look now, but Google has added extra advertisements to your board (or blog or other web site) if you use Adsense.

I have Adsense on a number of blogs. I also have it on my largest phpBB board. Adsense works for me because I have a board with enough traffic to make it worthwhile. It seems that you either need a lot of daily impressions, a good click ratio, or high click rates in order to have any luck with the Adsense program. I have some graphs (I know you’re shocked) and analysis about Google coming out at some point, but that’s not this post.

No, this post is about how Google is sneaking more ad content onto your site. If you use Adsense, go ahead and pull up your site in another browser window or tab and take a look… see if you have these little things on your ads now:

google images

Those ads were taken from three different sites where I use Adsense. Some of them are using horizontal ads and some are vertical. In each case, there are < > or ^ V icons on the ad area now. If you click those, you can scroll through more advertisements than what will fit in the allocated space.

What The…?

The funny part of this story is that a few days ago I had a WordPress blog get hacked. I fixed that blog (which does not have Adsense) and then moved on to my other blogs in order to upgrade them to the latest WordPress version. The first one I came to had these weird extra characters on my ads. :shock: I searched all over looking for malicious javascript code and checked my database for extraneous data, and found nothing.

Finally, I found this post on the Google Adsense blog that explains it all, and made me feel better. Or at least made me realize I could stop looking for hacked code.

I have not decided if I like it or not yet. :)

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