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Comments July 30, 2009

How and When Do You “Fire” a Moderator?

Filed under: Board Management, phpBB — Dave Rathbun @ 10:30 am CommentsComments (1) 

I have been running one of my boards for almost seven years now. Over that time my moderator team has changed more than once. In some cases, it’s because the person no longer has an interest in the subject matter and asks to be removed from the team. In other cases, a life event (health or family issue) forces them to choose between spending time online and some other activity. In some cases the moderator just stops moderating. What should be done in that case? And how can you determine that a moderator has, in fact, stopped moderating?


Comments July 22, 2009

Just How Bad Is The gmail.com Problem?

Filed under: Anti-spam, Board Management, phpBB — Dave Rathbun @ 8:11 am CommentsComments (9) 

Not too long ago I participated in a topic at phpbb.com where the author was asking about blocking gmail email addresses. The general consensus from the community was that the board owner should not block gmail but instead rely on some other methods for blocking spammers. I don’t block gmail, but sometimes I would like to. In this post I think I summarized it best, saying:

hotmail, yahoo, gmail… any free email account is subject to abuse. Spammers are using the fact that board owners are, as you are, reluctant to ban gmail outright because it does have so many legitimate users.

Having said that, I decided it was time to go back and work through some numbers. Instead of guessing how bad the problem is, I wanted to get actual statistics to back up my claims. Anyone can say anything they want. :) Having numbers makes the claims more substantial. And graphs. Pictures are always good. The data used for this post is available as an Excel file for anyone to download and review (link at the end of the post). Here’s the summary:

Google: Your gmail system is borked. Fix it or risk it becoming irrelevant. More…

Comments July 18, 2009

Twitter Spam Is Already Happening

Filed under: phpBB — Dave Rathbun @ 1:11 pm CommentsComments (4) 

I have no idea who these people are, but they’re following me. Why would they do that?

To get links. It’s always about links. Notice the sexy female avatars? :lol:

It will be interesting to see how Twitter responds.

Comments July 17, 2009

Browser Statistics By Audience

Filed under: blog — Dave Rathbun @ 11:20 am CommentsComments (2) 

Firefox has a lot of fans. :) That’s not a problem. I have tried it, and personally I don’t care for it. I’m not looking to be converted or convinced, so don’t bother leaving comments making the attempt. ;) While I was on the phpBB team I took a lot of grief for using IE, and that’s fine. I always said that I use IE because it’s used in the corporate world where I live and work.

To digress a minute… I have Urchin statistics installed on my server. I had the package before, and ultimately I disabled it because of the amount of server horsepower that was required to keep up with the processing. It seemed that my log files were not being rotated properly, so when they got really large urchin started to choke on the volume of data. Since moving to my new server, I have been trying to get urchin started up again. I finally got it going this week.

As a result I thought it might be interesting to see browser statistics and how they vary from one site (audience) to the next. More…

Comments July 12, 2009

MySQL Bug Breaks Banner System

Filed under: Database Tips, MOD Writing, phpBB — Dave Rathbun @ 1:42 pm CommentsComments (2) 

One of the reasons I wasn’t around much earlier this year was I was in the process of moving a bunch of sites over to a new server (including this one). In most cases the move went without a hitch. In one particular case there was an interesting bug that didn’t show up right away. It was related to the banner system I wrote for my largest board. Fortunately it was an error on the “good” side, so I didn’t make any sponsors angry. More…

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