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Comments July 22, 2009

Just How Bad Is The gmail.com Problem?

Filed under: Anti-spam, Board Management, phpBB — Dave Rathbun @ 8:11 am CommentsComments (9) 

Not too long ago I participated in a topic at phpbb.com where the author was asking about blocking gmail email addresses. The general consensus from the community was that the board owner should not block gmail but instead rely on some other methods for blocking spammers. I don’t block gmail, but sometimes I would like to. In this post I think I summarized it best, saying:

hotmail, yahoo, gmail… any free email account is subject to abuse. Spammers are using the fact that board owners are, as you are, reluctant to ban gmail outright because it does have so many legitimate users.

Having said that, I decided it was time to go back and work through some numbers. Instead of guessing how bad the problem is, I wanted to get actual statistics to back up my claims. Anyone can say anything they want. :) Having numbers makes the claims more substantial. And graphs. Pictures are always good. The data used for this post is available as an Excel file for anyone to download and review (link at the end of the post). Here’s the summary:

Google: Your gmail system is borked. Fix it or risk it becoming irrelevant. More…

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