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Comments January 11, 2012

phpBB3 MODs Domain Names Available

Filed under: phpBB — Dave Rathbun @ 4:30 pm Comments Off 

I have posted a topic on phpbb.com letting folks know I’m not going to renew my phpBB3 MODs-related domains. If you’re interested, hop on over to phpbb.com and send me a PM to let me know.

First come, first served.

Comments January 10, 2012

Passwords Matter

Filed under: phpBB Doctor — Dave Rathbun @ 12:53 pm CommentsComments (1) 

Way back in 2009 phpbb.com was hacked via an exposure in the phplist mailing list software. (Just to be very clear, there was no exploit found in the phpBB code used to run the site, only this supplementary program used to run the email notification system.) One of the results of the hack of phpbb.com was that several thousand user passwords were exposed and posted on the Internet. They were exposed, frankly, because they were too simple, and that’s not phpBB’s fault. More…

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