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Comments July 30, 2013

Using Flood Control To Combat Spam

Filed under: Anti-spam — Dave Rathbun @ 10:34 pm Comments Off 

I have a particularly persistent spammer that has been driving me nuts. They’re coming from Indonesian IP addresses and are clearly human spammers. As a temporary solution I added some code to the flood control code that sends any post they make into the “flood warning” error message.

It’s not a permanent solution, but it’s fun. :twisted:

Tonight I added some code to log their attempts so I can figure out a more permanent solution. Just like with the Checkbox Challenge, if I can capture their behavior I can start to look for patterns, and once I find a pattern I can try to do something more interesting to block them. As a final resort, I may have to finish writing up my Post Approval MOD that I started so many years ago.

I haven’t touched any phpBB2 code in years. It was fun to get back into it, even if only for a little while tonight…

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