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The phpBB Doctor is currently available for private clients only. At this time we are not accepting any new work until we can clear out our current backlog. Thank you for your patience.

Welcome to the phpBB Doctor

The phpBBDoctor is In. We're here for you when you need to recover from an attempt to install a modification, a database problem, or a hacked board. We're here when you need to create a new one-of-a-kind custom modification that will draw people to your board and keep them there. Who are we?

We are, at the moment, one person: Dave Rathbun. (My intials "DR" were the inspiration for the domain name phpBB "Doctor".) I have worked with phpBB since 2002 and have an extensive knowledge of the phpBB database design, coding structure, and process flow. I have put that knowledge to use writing MODs (modifications) for my own boards. Now you can put me to work for you as well.

Perhaps you have looked around but haven't quite found what you need? There are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of free MODs for phpBB available. Some of them are extremely complicated while others are very basic. What we can do for you is create what we call the Goldilocks Solution. That's where we get together, determine your needs, and come up with the solution that is "Just Right". You get exactly what you want instead of having to settle for something that is too big or too small. Our development process is available for you to review at your convenience.

In addition to my phpBB expertise you get the benefit of 15+ years of experience as a consultant designing database solutions for companies ranging from 100 employees up to the Fortune 100. You may have a solution in mind already, but together we may come up with something even better. Not too much, not too little, just right. grin

Thanks for stopping by.

Dave "the Doctor" Rathbun

"I finally found someone that actually knows phpBB and can deliver a custom solution" — Name withheld by request

"Dave is now my "go to" guy for phpBB coding" — Benjamin, eInvesting.com

"I've seen and worked with nearly every phpBB MODification ever publicly released, and the phpBBDoctor writes them in a clean, secure, and useful way! I look forward to many great MODifications being released by phpBBDoctor and those behind it!" — AbelaJohnB

"phpBBDoctor has worked true magic to streamline our board. No way could I have done, even in days, what he manages in minutes. Many thanks from all our fans and members!" — Richard Pini, elfquest.com

"Want to be next? Hire the phpBB Doctor!"

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