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The phpBB Doctor is currently available for private clients only. At this time we are not accepting any new work until we can clear out our current backlog. Thank you for your patience.

Our Process

Perhaps you have stayed away from phpBB as a forum solution because you weren't sure you would be able to get quality support. Perhaps you were afraid that getting the right code customizations would mean hiring a teenager writing code on the family computer. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it doesn't sit well with a corporate CIO when you have to tell him or her that "Junior" hasn't finished the code you requested yet because he is getting ready to go to his prom.

Define Then Design
At the phpBB Doctor we understand and practice good "process". In the first phase of your project we will work with you to define the ultimate goal. You may have an idea of what you want in mind, but together we may be able to improve on it. In the second phase we will design a solution based on the defined issues. This phase may very well include some prototyping that you may be able to get your hands on and test. Your feedback and participation during this phase of the project is crucial to the success of the project. Only after the problem is defined and a solution is designed will we begin the building process.

We follow the phpBB coding standards. We use the DBAL. We believe that we write code that is clear and concise without being "tricky". We use language entries and proper constants. We use comments in our code to document our implementation. In short, you should be able to take our code and use it anywhere you use phpBB.

But the process does not end there! The fourth phase of our process is the delivery phase. We will provide the code changes required using the MOD Template from the phpBB Group for you to make your own changes, or we will log on to your server and implement the changes ourselves. It is your choice. (There may be additional fees involved if we perform the code updates.)

Finally, it does not matter how well we build and deliver. What sets the phpBB Doctor apart is our follow-up and support after the delivery. We offer dedicated support for all of our custom MODs. You have a full 30 days from the final delivery for implementation, testing, and validation. If it turns out that we did not deliver to your specifications, and we can't make it right, we refund your money. What happens beyond the 30 days? If you ever encounter a bug it is fixed free. If an upgrade to phpBB breaks our code we'll fix that too.

The Bottom Line
We define the problem, design the solution, deliver the code, and stand behind our work.

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