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The phpBB Doctor is currently available for private clients only. At this time we are not accepting any new work until we can clear out our current backlog. Thank you for your patience.

Terms of Service

By using the services provided by the phpBBDoctor you agree to the terms of service outlined below.

The phpBBDoctor is not affiliated in any way with, nor have we been endorsed by, the phpBB Group, hereafter referred to as phpBB. phpBB has not endorsed our services, and the phpBBDoctor does not anticipate nor claim that any such endorsement will be forthcoming. The official web site for phpBB is www.phpbb.com. The fact that we include "phpBB" as part of our domain name is not intended to imply any relationship with phpBB other than that we provide services based on their product.

We will make every effort to maintain server uptime. However, this service is not guaranteed to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We monitor the service daily to ensure uptime. We back up our databases to an off-site server on a daily basis.

The design and configuration of this web site is copyright by the phpBBDoctor. Nothing on this site, including forum content, may be reproduced, republished, framed, or distributed in any manner. This statement should not imply that the phpBBDoctor is taking ownership of or responsibility for the content of the forum discussions, but rather that the content cannot be rebroadcast or distributed outside of this venue.

logo We do, of course, use the forum software licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL Details) from the phpBB Group. We make no claims to the copyright of this software but are using it as permitted under the terms of the license. For full details, please review the link provided.

External Links
External links on the phpBBDoctor are provided without endorsement. The phpBBDoctor does not assume any responsibility for content on any external site. We will, of course, endeavor to fix or remove any broken links. Should you find one, please use our contact form and let us know.

Privacy Policy
We respect your privacy. The phpBBDoctor will not under any circumstances release, sell, or otherwise distribute any information that you may provide in order to sign up for our service, unless compelled to do so by appropriate legal authorities. You agree to provide a valid and correct email address and contact information. You may use an alias when participating in our forum, and may elect to conceal your email address from other members.

Use of this site constitutes your acceptance of all of the terms and conditions outlined above. For clarification or further questions please contact us using the appropriate forum.

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